Welcome to Five Bedroom Private Pool Villa

Nestled within a lush, verdant garden, this stunning five-bedroom private pool villa presents a serene and tranquil retreat. As you step through the entrance, the breathtaking garden view instantly captivates you, while the large, private swimming pool invites you for a refreshing swim under the warm sunlight. The spacious living room, adorned with tasteful décor, serves as a perfect setting for socializing, relaxation, or catching up on your favorite TV shows. The fully-equipped modern kitchen allows you to savor a delightful cooking experience, whether indulging in a gourmet meal or a quick snack.

Each of the five exquisitely-designed bedrooms offers a peaceful sanctuary for a restful sleep. The private room, with its snug ambiance, provides an intimate space for work or leisurely activities. Additionally, the opulent bathtub in the pristine bathroom offers a rejuvenating experience as you soak in warm, bubbly water, releasing all your tensions and embracing pure relaxation.

The harmonious blend of stylish interiors, inviting outdoor spaces, and breathtaking garden views make this five-bedroom private pool villa an ideal destination for a memorable and luxurious getaway.

Room Facilities